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    A majority of this area has been farm country, cropped with either grains, hay or livestock for close to the past 100 years.

A little bit of History for you; the district was known as French creek until the coming of the railway. Fawcett was the name of one of the engineers on the survey crew which became the name of site in honor of the engineer 1907. The community was known for having an abundance of good water wells. The community has been bordered by French creek and the Pembina River along with numerous lakes and aquafirs for over 100 years. The Hotel now called Mo'z Pub was built in 1930 is a unique peice of our community heritage buildings in downtown Fawcett.

The Hamlet of Fawcett located 50 km North of Westlock in the Division of Westlock County. We are nestled between the Pembina River and two highways #44 and 663. Fawcett is the hometown of professional hockey player and actor Ross Smith. Ross portrayed the character Barclay Donaldson in the 1977 movie Slap Shot. A majority of this area has been farm country, cropped with either grains, hay or livestock for close to the past 100 years however the past 50 years the area has seen drastic diversification of large crop farming and the small farm extinction. The beauty is as raw and untouched today as it was 80 years ago as many farmers had practiced organic farming principals which has maintained the health of the lakes, rivers and streams.

French Creek is a stream that runs all across Division 13 in the County of Westlock connection from the far north tip of Athabasca River crossing near Hubert Lake Wild Land straight down to merge into the Pembina River at the base of Hidden Valley Golf Course. This creek has been central to the original 6 quarter sections of our families property when they lived in Fawcett.

It is where as kids neighbor friends and I would fish. When the families would gather we all would swim at the favorite swimming hole and later on my eldest daughter would figure out where that was and my mom apparently let her and the other grad children go swimming in it. 40 Years ago the creek ran as high and deep as a river where today, it runs high only in the spring and calms through the summer although the beavers are doing a splendid job to do what they can for them and now wildlife and life is returning to the area. It is fantastic to walk on the trail alongside listening to the creek and the animals and seeing all the foliage. Sometimes on a walk, I have come upon a moose and have had to stop and turn back but to see the majesty of the animal, puts you in awe or while sitting in the yard a moose and her calves will simply walk on through. She has looked at us many times each year and we at her but she carries on her way and we always are happy to see her every year. We chose to share our bounty of nature and wildlife where you can almost reach out and touch them. We may be noisy working, talking or machines running but the deer are there checking out what we are doing. We chose the name of the name of the Creek as it has been central to the community and to our families life and will continue on for years to come through the lives of the visitors to our retreat. We welcome you to French Creek Country Retreat.

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French Creek RV, Fawcett AlbertaWe are Centrally located in a quadrant encompassing Barrhead, Westlock, Athabasca and Slave Lake located on HWY 44 using Westlock as the central point for driving directions. 50 km North of Westlock drive North on HWY 44   to Range Road 12 . The 1st turn to the right before the golf course is French Creek Country Rv.